clark headshotCLARK CAÑEZ plays with two indie improv teams, Power Lunch and Basic Cable. He’s been studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater-Los Angeles since 2012.

He is appreciative to be a part of the improv community, as it accounts for approximately 72% of his interactions with humans.

Clark is originally from West Covina, a suburb of Los Angeles. He majored in psychology at Cal State Los Angeles, however has never used this training towards any practical application.

Clark also studied acting and play production at Mt. San Antonio College in the city of Walnut.

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CARA MEYERS performs with several L.A.-based indie improv teams, including Power Lunch, Ruggedly Handsome and Pea Goat, as well as UCB Mess Hall team, Scalene.

She’s been taking improv classes in both L.A. and Chicago since 2012 to pursue her passion of improvising and comedy writing.

Cara was born and raised in Chicago and will forever claim that Midwest is best! Da Bears!

Cara has an English degree from the University of Iowa (HAWKEYES!) and writes for various websites, including, and

For fun, Cara loves to bake vegan treats, and she’s great at it! You can find her around Hollywood surrounded by a gaggle of cats.

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LISA TIMMONS is a proud member of the indie improv teams, Power Lunch and Pea Goat. A writer and improviser, she’s been taking classes continually at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles since February 2014.

A self-described military brat, Lisa claims Savannah, Georgia as her hometown but acknowledges that after thirteen years, she’s really just from L.A. at this point.

She grew up on a U.S. Army base in Germany, which is why she speaks fluent German and doesn’t get some pop culture references from the ’90s.

Lisa has a journalism degree from the University of Georgia and since 2006, she’s been consistently writing for the web on a variety of subjects.

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